shoppable instagram fan feed on ecommerce store

Did you know that 65% of customers seek out User-Generated Content (UGC) before making a purchase decision? Tap into the power of social commerce by marketing in real time using authentic customer photos.


Your brand’s biggest advocates are already posting about the products they love on social media and attributing them to your organization using hashtags. Gather UGC from these channels and use it to drive up conversions, increase engagement, and monetize your following.

Curate and Tag

Once you’ve gathered UGC from across your social networks, use our curation and tagging tools to choose the images that best fit your brand’s aesthetic. Total control is in your hands as you decide which photos best represent you.

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With our integrated Rights Management features, you can request permission to use a consumer’s photo for media or advertising purposes with the click of a button.


After you’ve chosen the images which best represent your brand, publish them to your website and social channels with ease, enhancing your brand’s eCommerce experience with authentic imagery.