Below you will find instructions on how to integrate the following on your Shopify website:

1)    Default Fan Feed (typically integrated into the homepage)

a.  This fanfeed is carousel format

b.  This fanfeed does not pull SKU’s associated with the page it is integrated with. It pulls all SKU’s regardless of the products on the page

2)    Default Fanfeed (Detail Product Pages)

a.    This fanfeed is carousel format

b.  This fanfeed ONLY resides on product detail pages

c.  This fanfeed automatically pulls Instagram images that are associated with a particular SKU

3)    Default Shoppable Gallery

a. This is a Gallery style format (full page)

b. This Gallery is a standalone page of many Instagram images

Step One: Install The Evocative Javascript Framework

Follow set up Wizard to set up your Evocative Platform account at For your reference, the Universal Javascript Code is:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” async=””></script>

1)    Log into your Shopify account.

2)    Select “Online Store” from the left hand menu.

3)    From your main theme, click on the “…”  (three dots).

4)    Select “Edit HTML/CSS”.

5) Add our main javascript library to your main theme. Open up your main liquid template. Add our javascript just before the closing the </head> tag.

Step Two: Add a (Default) Fanfeed to your Home Page

1)    From your Evocative dashboard, copy the div generated through curating  your default Fan Feed. Open your index liquid template. Add the default “Fan Feed” div at the bottom of the page OR in the desired location.

ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Create a Fan Feed with specific images vs. all images auto generated through default:

Using the “Collection” feature on your Evocative dashboard, you can create a homepage Fan Feed that will display specific Instagram images, a collection of images, of your choice. (Please review the “How to Create a Collection” reference document)

Step Three: Add a Fanfeed to your Product Detail Page(s)

1)    Go into the Evocative Dashboard and create a Fan Feed for your product detail pages.

Ensure that when you are editing the Settings, you indicate that it is to be set up as a “product page”

2)    Copy the Fan Feed Install Code for the Fan Feed you would like to use.

3)    Add the Product Detail Fan Feed to your Shopify Store:

Open your product liquid template.

Add the div at the bottom of the page OR in the desired location on your Shopify product pages.

Step Four: Install Evocative (Default) Gallery

1)   Go into the Evocative Dashboard and create a “Shoppable Gallery”

2)    Copy the Gallery Install Code/div (Step 2) for the Gallery you would like to use.

3)    Go to your Shopify Store to Create a page for your default gallery:

  Click on Pages

4)    Create a Page: In the top right, click on “Add Page”.

5)    Under Title, enter the title of your Shoppable Gallery page. For example, “SHOP WHAT YOU SEE ON INSTAGRAM”.

Paste the Shoppable Gallery div under HTML edit.

6)    Name your website SEO URL. Click on “Edit website SEO”. Under URL and handle, enter a name such as “shop-social”.

7)    Click on SAVE. Using the above directions, your Shoppable Gallery URL will be located at http://www.[yourdomain].com/pages/shop-social