1)   Go into the Evocative Dashboard and click on the Collections tab.

2)    Click on “Create a Collection” and give the collection an easily identifiable name.

How to Use a Collection

Creating a collection enables you to create a Fan Feed or Shoppable Gallery which contains a select group of media, rather than the default version. In order to do this, you will need to create a new collection for each new group of media.

1)   Please see How to Create a Collection to get started.

2)    Go to Curate & Tag to add specific media to the collection you have created.

• For the images you want to include in the specific Collection, go to the chosen images’ “Add a Collection” field and begin typing the name of the Collection you would like to associate the image with. Do this for each image you want included in the Collection.

• See the example below for an example of the “Summer Dress Blowout Sale” Collection association.

3)    Create a Fan Feed or Shoppable Gallery that is comprised of the media chosen for your Collection.

Shoppable Gallery Example

1)   Go to Shoppable Gallery tab.

2)   Click on Create New.

3)    Select the Collection you want to associate to the Gallery from the drop down beside Collections field.

4)    Complete your design choices for the Shoppable Gallery.

5)   Install to your site or desired web page:

• Select the desired Collection in the dropdown menu.

• Click on “Install on your website” to get the install code.