Providing authentic promotion for brands and businesses, micro-influencers are a truly effective marketing tool. These everyday ambassadors are invested in what they do, and have acquired both social clout and a relevant audience.

A micro-influencer is an everyday consumer who has amassed followers engaged around a theme or topic, such as food, fashion, or travel. These highly active Instagrammers are passionate about their content of choice and about expressing themselves creatively. They often join new platforms or social media channels to expand their audience.

The micro-influencer’s value lies in their ability to generate conversions among like-minded consumers. Though they generally have a small reach, micro-influencers forge critical connections. These relationships are a force to be reckoned with, and far less superficial than those created through impersonal public endorsements.

According to Entrepreneur, “Going after micro-influencers instead of the typically sought-after bigger names may reveal an untapped gold mine.” Think about it: when your favourite celebrity endorses a product, are you going to remember the celebrity or the product? Chances are, you’ll pay more attention to the famous individual. With the same budget, a brand can collaborate with several micro-influencers. This allows them to reach multiple demographics, resulting in higher engagement.

Finding micro-influencers is not as difficult as you may think. Take time to look through your Instagram fans for potential candidates. The goal? Discovering consumers who are relevant to your brand, and who will drive conversions through their social media posting.  A worthwhile investment, micro-influencers are a socially savvy method of advocacy for your business.

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