New Evocative Feature: Customer Photo Upload

Screen-Shot-2017-04-19-at-4.24.56-PM-2Today we’re excited to introduce Evocative’s latest feature, Customer Photo Upload.

Customer Photo Upload makes it easier than ever for retailers to incorporate User-Generated Content. With Customer Photo Upload, shoppers can transfer their own images directly from a computer or mobile device.

Evocative’s existing Fan Feed and Shoppable Gallery capabilities have both integrated this feature. All images contributed will be stored in a new section on the Evocative dashboard called “User Submitted.”

The process of accepting and rejecting user submitted media is the same as through our existing “Workflow” screen, except that these are now organized under the “User Submitted” page.

Customer Photo Upload is the latest addition to Evocative’s social commerce experience, and an exciting improvement to our existing platform.

What do you think of Customer Photo Upload? Connect with us on Twitter at @get_evocative and let us know!