Tired of posting the same old photos? Hosting an Instagram takeover is an excellent way for your brand to gain unique content, increase engagement, and attract new followers.

Here are some tips for running your best possible campaign.

Define your purpose.

It’s important to set your goals, objectives, and KPIs prior to embarking on a social media takeover. Write up a concrete plan for what you hope to achieve. How will you measure and quantify success?

Choose an appropriate influencer or ambassador.

Ensure your influencer of choice is compatible with your business. Do your research: become familiar with their past projects, website, and stylistic practices before approaching them. Most importantly, make sure they understand the aims of your project and what they are expected to do.

@theresbianca's pictures from The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour are on kastorandpollux.com 🌹

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Create a timeline and schedule content.

Run your campaign as smoothly as possibly by making sure all posts are timely, appropriate, and scheduled in advance.

Monitor your results.

Most importantly, monitor your results to determine the value of your takeover. Were there spikes in follower growth at certain points? Which content performed best? Compare your results with the goals you set. Use any discrepancies as benchmarks for your next campaign.

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