Instagram Releases Filters Feature

hans-vivek-208969Newsflash: Instagram is opening up a whole new world of opportunities to its users.

Snapchat has long been the only social media platform enabling hilarious filters on its users’ selfies. However, Instagram has just added a similar feature to its app.

Instagram users now have the option to jazz up their photos with face filters. For those who prefer to use video in their social media posts, there is an additional option to include face filters in Boomerang. The update includes a rewind tool, which gives users the ability to play recorded clips backwards.

Finally, Instagrammers have the option to apply “hashtag stickers” to their stories. These stickers allow followers to tap them to view similar posts.

Merely a few weeks ago, Snapchat introduced a new feature allowing snaps to live forever, likening it to Instagram. And so the battle continues…

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