How To Handle Negative Social Media Reviews

bench-accounting-49025We’ve all been there… you’re just minding your own business and then BAM!

Your brand has gotten a negative social media review.

Dealing with such comments and feedback is different than dealing with criticisms via phone or email – social media is public, and unsavoury reviews can be read by your entire audience. Here are four helpful tips for handling negative social media reviews, after all, they can be delicate affairs.


Remaining inactive in the face of a negative review will make it seem as though you’re ignoring the problem, increasing the chance that the user will return with angry criticisms.

Ensure that you respond in a respectful tone, making it clear that you intend to solve any issue. If you fail to reply, it appears as though customer support is not your priority.

Be patient.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and try to understand why they are upset. Regardless of whether the problem is your fault, a simple apology will go a long way towards earning your customer’s respect and keeping their business.

Allow your brand community to reply.

After you’ve engaged with your followers over time, they will inevitably become more active on your social pages.

With strong community support comes credibility when fans endorse your organization. If you have achieved this level of reinforcement, it is likely that your fans will answer questions and solve problems for you. Allow them to do so, and don’t get in the way.

Follow up with concrete actions.

Once you fully comprehend the issue, outline what steps will be taken to remedy the problem. By following through on your promises, it is likely that you will convert the initially frustrated consumer into a brand advocate.

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