Food Photography on Social: Do’s and Don’ts

Want to make sure your #foodstagram is the best it can be? Start by following these easy tips.

Do: Straighten up.

Get a symmetrical picture by enabling the grid on your iPhone camera to line up your shot.

Don’t: Use flash.

Flash can flatten the colours in your food, making the reflection off your plate and silverware the focal point. If it’s too dim to go without flash, get a friend to shine their iPhone flashlight on your meal.

 Do: Check in.

Some restaurants regularly look at their location tag so they can reblog the best pictures they find there. Increase your visibility by checking in.

Don’t: Dig in.

A half-eaten meal isn’t anyone’s idea of an aesthetic. Unless you’ve taken an artfully symmetrical bite, leave your food untouched. The trick is to get creative while making sure your meal remains appetizing to look at.

Don’t: Filter frenzy.

This goes for any picture, but try to avoid over-editing. Go for more subtle filters with undertones that offset the colours in your meal.

Do: Pay attention to detail.

A common rookie mistake is to overlook the surroundings of your shot. A dirty plate or crumpled napkin in the background is an easy way to ruin your picture. Check the perimeter before you snap.