Facebook’s Jeremy Lewis on Mobile and Video

A highlight of our trip to Chicago for IRCE 2016 was Jeremy Lewis’s lecture, “Sneak Peek: What’s Next at Facebook.” Lewis is Facebook’s Head of U.S. eCommerce. He has twenty years of experience as an integral part of multiple internet companies and specializes in sales management, account management, business development for SaaS solutions, payment processing, and online advertising.

According to Lewis, traditional forms of marketing are dissipating in favour of more innovative means of selling and discovering products online. As the use of mobile devices has become predominant in the lives of consumers, mobile optimization has become a critical component of the marketing and sales process.

“Mobile is not a thing, it’s THE thing,” Lewis said. “Consumers today have so many different ways to research and so many different ways to buy. All of us use phones to get information, to consume news, and be entertained.” These insights resonated with us at Evocative, as mobile optimization is directly related to our Instagram marketing and branding goals.

Equally as exciting were Lewis’s comments regarding video as a marketing tool. Facebook users watch an incredible 100 million hours of video each day. This attention is not earned through traditional marketing methods. “You have to get the consumer in the first three seconds, with no sound, and make it short and snackable,” he explained.

We greatly enjoyed Lewis’s talk, a forward-thinking 30 minutes which gave digital marketers much to think about, and it was a pleasure to connect with him afterwards. As he finished, “Mobile has changed business; it’s changed all of us.”


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