6 Experts Reveal The Biggest Instagram Trends in 2017

With over 500 million users, Instagram’s explosive growth shows no sign of slowing down. Want to know how your brand can make the most of the social media platform in 2017? We asked six different social media experts for their insights on emerging trends in the coming year.

Read on for their predictions.

Ann Handley – Content Marketing Keynote Speaker

I think Instagram will roll out more Snapchat-style filters, both sponsored and non-sponsored. I also think brands and companies will increasingly seek out micro-influencers, those with smaller audiences but nonetheless strong digital influence. This is especially true in non-obvious categories (beyond fashion and food and lifestyle).

Jennifer Conforzi – Senior Customer Success Manager

My thoughts are, the emergence of Instagram Stories is going to be valuable. Online Mobile Video across YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram is going to surge.

The coveted age group for marketers is typically adults 18-34, not simply because of their purchasing power, but because it’s a demographic where brands can establish brand loyalty. As Instagram caters to a mobile generation, there is opportunity to engage with this demographic through their platform especially through video where the viewer is more engaged.

Video resonates with viewers, and should be a key pillar in marketing strategies moving into 2017.

Kyle Andrew – Social Media Specialist

The two biggest Instagram trends [of 2017] will stem from the way the service works.

Live video will take Instagram from a creative platform and evolve it to more of a tailored information platform. Instagram might be late to the game with live, but their [existing] user base will result in widespread adoption. This will transition Instagram to a potential news platform, furthering the trend of people getting their news from social media.

Secondly, Instagram will begin allowing users to utilize clickable links in their posts and stories (and potentially live video). This will be done first with select accounts only, and eventually offered to everyone if the testing proves successful. One of the biggest drawbacks for marketers about IG is that it was difficult to move viewers out of that platform. Clickable links will change that. The first step was being able to tag other profiles in stories.

Bryan Kramer – TED Talk & Keynote Speaker

I’m an Instagram fanatic. I love the fact that it brings out different moments that mean different things to everyone. However, now that it has stories and other apps/tools that also work within Instagram is continually taking off giving a little something for everyone. The thing I think will happen with Instagram is people are going to start using it to engage more than they anticipated. The shift from Facebook to Instagram engagement is going to start leveling out. Humans want to engage with more real human experiences. The introduction of live video and stories starts to make this more possible. That said, we’ll continue to see more tools introduced to help make engagement go up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Messenger and Instagram join forces to help make this happen too.

Scott Smith – Corporate Account Executive

Perhaps not a trend but expect for executives to dive into platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. This generation is quickly learning that being engaged and interactive on these platforms is no longer an option but a business necessity.

Lilach Bullock – Digital Marketing Consultant

It looks a lot like Instagram is trying to become a more inclusive social network. Last year, it had multiple major updates, such as Stories and Business Tools. In 2017, I think we’re going to see more new features and one of the musts of the year is going to be live streaming videos, no doubt about it.

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