How-To: Curate a Great Instagram Gallery

Instagram connects brands, bloggers, and followers worldwide. Its users are looking to consume content that is visually appealing, emotionally provoking, and narratively interesting. With Instagram, your business can craft a digital space that is 100% its own.

Here are some tips for reaching success on this social media channel.

Pick a unifying theme for your page and its content.

Last night's birthday dinner and disco with all my favorite people 💫 #studio24

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Assess what type of content works best with your audience. All of your photos should have a consistent theme that will resonate well with consumers. When you are posting an image, think about how it will look next to your other pictures. Curate your feed on a regular basis and delete visuals that seem out of place.

Familiarize yourself with photo editing apps.

Image enhancing applications such as VSCOCam and Snapseed are great alternatives to simply relying on the preset Instagram filters. Get to know them.

Time your uploads appropriately.

Avoid spamming your followers with multiple posts. Limit yourself to a set amount of uploads per day and schedule them according to a pre-planned content calendar.

Share original content.

If you truly want your account to stand out, don’t rely on #regrams. Post quality visuals that are on-brand.

Plan posting ahead of time.

The best Instagram marketers decide which photos they will share ahead of time. Follow suit to ensure that you’re never scrambling at the last minute.

Repurpose UGC.

🍁🍂 #stripespotting 📸: @blaireadiebee

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Repurposing UGC makes your followers feel appreciated and drives them to tag you in their own posts. This results in more exposure to your account. In other words, everyone wins.

To summarize, curating a great Instagram gallery will help your brand expand its audience, facilitate engagement, and drive sales. Try out these tips today.