5 Things Your Brand Should Never Do On Instagram

alisa-anton-66108Instagram is a fantastic platform for connecting with your audience. Simply by hitting the ‘publish’ button, you can share your brand’s thoughts, ideas, and aesthetic with complete strangers. Before you do so, however, run through our list of social media don’ts to ensure you’re articulating a positive message to your followers.

Offensive content.

This may seem obvious, but racial slurs, graphic images, crude jokes, and swearing should all be avoided.

Boring visuals.

If you truly want your account to stand out, don’t rely on #regrams. Post quality visuals that are on-brand.

Unplanned, last minute posts.

The best Instagram marketers decide which photos they will share ahead of time. Follow suit to ensure that you’re never scrambling at the last minute.

Inconsistent themes.

Assess what type of content works best with your audience. All of your photos should have a consistent theme that will resonate well with consumers. When you are posting an image, think about how it will look next to your other pictures. Curate your feed on a regular basis and delete visuals that seem out of place.

Inappropriately timed uploads.

Avoid spamming your followers with multiple posts. Limit yourself to a set amount of uploads per day and schedule them according to a pre-planned content calendar.

Learn from these excellent brands:

Check out Taco Bell‘s page for some cheeky inspiration.

Take a look at Sephora‘s profile.

Be sure to scroll through Oreo‘s feed.

Don’t miss Nike‘s stunning, sports-related images.

See how American Express uses its account to share updates.

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