5 Experts on Converting Social Media Followers into Customers

As a business, gaining followers on social media is simply the first step. All the fans in the world won’t help your brand unless you are able to turn them into paying customers. We asked five different growth experts for their insights on how to do exactly this.

Read on for their advice.

Emily Crume – Director of Strategy

If you engage long before the sale is imminent, you will have built up trust and authority with your prospective customer.

Alexandra Serrano – Web Content Manager

As effective as a well-crafted call to action can be, it’s still important to have a sense of authenticity when attempting to create conversions. Nobody likes to be preached to, and I’ve always found that my most effective social media posts are those that incorporate a pleasing visual with an organically generated caption that isn’t overtly sales-y. It’s about creating calls to action with nuance, especially for millennials. I think that’s what consumers are looking for these days. You want to reach them in a more organic way.

Scott Cunningham – Social Media Specialist

Engaging with them and reaching out to them personally to build a long-term business relationship rather than focusing on one sale.

Amber Armstrong – Director, Digital and Social Influencers

The best way to convert social media followers into customers is to post content that makes their lives better. Using paid targeting, you can ensure that you reach the audience that will be most interested in your offerings. The trick then is to follow through with a flawless digital experience and face to face sales experience.

Kim Garst – Founded and CEO of Boom! Social

It can be tempting to promote your business at every turn, especially when your social media numbers grow. But, you can’t stop interacting, engaging and providing great content! Sprinkle your product and special offer announcements in between more interactive posts. Introduce your products and special offers thoughtfully and sparingly.

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