Gather user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram in real-time through our powerful platform to drive conversions, increase consumer engagement, and monetize your social media following.

Permissions (Rights Management)

Our dynamic Media Rights Management tool lets you request and obtain permission to use consumer and influencer media via Instagram.

Curate and Tag

Associate your products with approved consumer and influencer media through our intuitive search and tagging functionality. You can even associate multiple products to an image and have an image appear in multiple areas on your site!


Display Shoppable Galleries of UGC on your site and product detail pages to leverage social proof of your products. Give your shoppers the quickest path from product discovery to purchase through authentic content.

Other Power Features

The Evocative platform is also armed with additional power features that enable brands and retailers to stay on top of competitive Instagram activity, providing exclusive insights, as well as advanced search functionality that makes it quick and easy to bring media found directly on Instagram, into the workflow.